Coronavirus - How a motorhome can help

Coronavirus – How hiring a motorhome can help

One of the effects of the present situation & the government’s efforts to stop the spread is the social distancing measures & the lockdowns in specific areas.

This extraordinary time has put us in tricky situations.

Where families have been struggling to meet & catch up with each other especially our older parents/grandparents or where many of our keyworkers who need to bravely carry on but still isolate themselves from their families – these are unprecedented times.

Georgia Bailey from Bury St Edmunds has been using her motorhome to visit her parents. “I park it in their drive & seriously this motorhome has been a blessing. I don’t think my parents would have survived these tough times if we hadn’t been able to see each other – even if it over the fence!”

Hiring a motorhome can provide a home away from home for anyone who wishes to visit family but stay apart or they want to self-isolate but be near to family as well.

You can park the motorhome in your drive.

The motorhomes have heating & you can get nice warm showers as well! They are surprisingly spacious & you would get enough room to live or work-in as well.

If you need some information & would like to know your options – please get in touch.