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Paul Wilson: Just get up & go…

We caught up with the very friendly Paul Wilson recently to see how his experience of hiring our motorhome had been.

“I researched online and found Vaaroom via a google search

We hired the motorhome from the Romford depot for a week.

It was me, my wife and our 12 year old son.

We do usually go abroad on holidays but due to Covid 19 we decided that a UK holiday is the way only way to actually have a safe holiday

To be fair, there are so many beautiful places within the UK & we are actually spoilt for choice.

We decided Devon was where we wanted to go & we had great breaks along the way!

Basically we stopped where we wanted along the way! The first night we stopped at Somerset.

We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday & we are so sure that a motorhome is the way forward for our family!

With the stress & uncertainty of overseas travel – we just love the idea of ‘get up and go’ so we are thinking of maybe purchasing their very own motorhome.

The Vaaroom Staff is very reliable, helpful & contactable. The hand over was simple & easy & I 100% recommend Vaaroom to my friends & family!

We have loved our first experience of a motorhome holiday & we are now hooked!

I would recommend that if were some videos for each individual home and any special features showing how to use some functions – that would help newbies like us!”

Thank you so much Paul! We look forward to welcoming you & your family again if you don’t buy a motorhome before us!”

Our motorhomes are strong and reliable and yet don’t compromise on comfort and style.

You can pick up a motorhome across 6 locations in the UK