Vaaroom Easter/Spring Break 2022

Monday 4 April 2022 – Monday 18 April 2022

As we enter April, we are looking forward to mild weather and going out and breathing in the fresh air and watching the colorful flowers bloom.

This year, Easter Sunday will be on Sunday April 17th and Easter Monday bank holiday falls on April 18th with school holidays slotting around that date.

Springtime in England brings with it the glorious sight of English gardens and country parks coming alive with beautiful blossoms underneath clear blue skies, and maybe the odd shower… Come rain or shine, there are always things to do in spring; enjoy a romantic escape to an idyllic haven secluded by blossoming trees.

Going for an adventure road trip in a motorhome is a great family experience. It allows you to hit the open road, explore amazing sights, spend time with your loved ones and have some fun.

As well as a lower cost, taking your family on a motorhome holiday during the Easter break allows you to make every aspect of your adventure less stressful and more fun.

Find the best Easter Egg hunts

It seems like every town, village and city has an Easter Egg hunt of one sort or another. Why not Google a place you’ve always wanted to visit and see if they have a hunt nearby? It’s fun for the kids, they get to eat their chocolate eggs and you get to explore a place that’s been on your ‘must visit’ list. Everybody wins!

Visit your relatives

We all have family and friends who live just a little too far away to visit often and after these tough COVID years we haven’t seen for long.

Take advantage of the long weekend to make up for lost time and visit your distant family. Travelling won’t be a bind if you’re not cramped into a car along with your suitcases and staying overnight won’t be an imposition if you’re bringing your beds and shower along with you.

Book early to avoid disappointment

With just about everyone looking for something to do over the Easter break, it’s definitely worth your while to make your booking early to avoid disappointment and to ensure you get to reserve the luxury motorhome of your choosing.

We offer 2 and 6 berth motorhomes and they are getting booked fast. Please use the code SAVE20 when you book online to save 20% off your booking costs
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