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Our island offers so much that we seldom take the time out to witness or enjoy, from dreamy, sandy beaches, outstanding, unspoilt dales, to scenic lakes and rivers.  It is therefore a surprise that before the COVID-19 pandemic, many British people overlooked many of our magnificent regions for their holiday. If COVID-19 has given us anything positive, then I would argue that is the increased appreciation for Britain’s stunning geographical wonders!

A brilliant way to take full advantage of this is through a fun and exciting road trip using our VaarOOm motorhomes!

Below, we have listed out some of what we believe to be the most beautiful road trips to take in the UK! Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration!

1. Lake District – Penrith

The Lake District in Cumbria has attracted visitors for years and years. With its reputation as England’s largest National Park and now a World Heritage Site, you will be able to witness first-hand the historic and idyllic region which has inspired renowned artists and writers. For this guide, we will focus on Penrith and the Eden valley which offers so much in terms of history, culture and natural beauty- truly a sight to behold.

  • Hutton-In-The-Forest

Here, you can visit this glorious stately home and garden which showcases six distinct architectural period as it was continuously developed over centuries. This offers a unique insight into the rich history of country houses- a hallmark of our tradition. There is a fee for access to the house and gardens which includes car parking, a cafe and toilet facilities.

The house is open for small group tours on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. Tours will run at 11.30am, 1pm, 1.30pm, and 3pm for a maximum of 6 people. Booking online is advised. The garden and woodlands are open every day except Saturday. Open between the hours of 10am and 5pm.


House and Gardens: Adults £12, Children free Gardens and Woodland: Adults £7.00, Children free

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  • Long Meg And Her Daughters Stone Circle

With a diameter of about 350 feet, Long Meg and Her Daughters stone circle is the second biggest in the country and possibly the only drive-through one! The road runs straight across the middle of the circle although it is private beyond. The stones date from prehistoric times (approx.  1500 BC,) and many historians and archaeologists have argued that it was likely to have been used as a meeting place or for some form of religious ritual.

According to legend, Long Meg was a witch who with her daughters, was turned to stone for profaning the Sabbath, as they danced wildly on the moor. It is said to be a magical stone circle where it is impossible to count the same number of stones twice, but if you do then the magic is broken.

There is free roadside parking and access.

  • Brougham Castle

Brougham Castle, founded in the 13th century is a magnificent display of prehistoric English prestige. It sits on the picturesque banks of the River Eamont.  Originally, it was a Roman fort which was later taken by the Norman family of Vieuxpont to build their castle and the ruins of this can still be seen. You can climb the old keep to bask in beautiful countryside views. The castle and riverbank also provide a good place for a family picnic after a long day of driving.


Please visit this site for more information on how to book a visit:

Admission fee applies with free car parking on the roadside.

2. Cornwall

Cornwall is well-regarded for its amazing coat which stretches 422 miles and gives way to over 300 magnificent beaches. It is also seen as a surfing haven, a sport that is growing in popularity here in Britain and is producing a host of homegrown talent. This, along with the stunning cliffs and coves and the world famous Cornish Pasty makes it a shoe-in for one of the most exciting holiday destinations for those vacationing in holiday homes.

Here are some routes to take whilst visiting this sunny pocket of England!

  • Perranporth to Padstow

This route is dedicated to Cornish beaches which are an integral part of any trip taking to Cornwall! This drive offers you the beautiful narrow, winding roads- lower the windows and blast some of your favourite music for a truly freeing experience with the sea breeze sweeping past your skin!

Trevaunance Cove is a few miles south of Perranporth and is a beautiful beach for a beginner surfer to start catching some waves, a truly unmissable opportunity.

  • Boscastle to Bude road

Boscastle is a wonderful sleepy village and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall. Its narrow valleys and curving clifftop roads allow for a scenic and romantic journey for any driver! Surprisingly, there is also the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic which gives you a chance to learn more about European folk magic, ceremonial magic, freemasonry and many others- it has been described as having the largest collection of such objects in the world. This provides something new, fresh, and exciting whilst chomping on some delicious and fresh Cornish ice cream!

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3. Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are some of the most special and unique unspoilt wonders found in the English countryside!

It includes some of the finest limestone scenery in the UK, from crags and pavements to an underground labyrinth of caves. Each valley or ‘dale’ has its own distinct character, giving for a continuously exciting chance for exploration.

Here, you can still find stone-built villages amongst traditional farming landscapes of field barns, reminiscent of an Emily Bronte novel.

There are also breath-taking waterfalls that contrast with the scattered remains of former mine workings and other rural industries to which remind us of the area’s rich industrial heritage and the role it played in Britain’s industrial revolution.

Buttertubs Pass , Wensleydale to Swaledale

Described by motoring guru Jeremy Clarkson as ‘England’s only truly spectacular road’, you must experience this route if you decide to take a trip to the Dales.  It is a scenic route that winds its way along the pass given its name by the 20-metre deep limestone pot holes in the area.

KIPTON, INGLETON AND HAWES Ingleton is a special town due to its fascinating maze-like cave systems, this cannot be found anywhere else in England and a result makes it a Must-Go area if you visit the Yorkshire Dales. As well as this, you will see a range of gorgeous waterfalls on your route and should you choose to drive a couple of miles further, you can visit England’s highest waterfall, the Hardraw Force, which tumbles more than 30 yards down.

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