Top 5 Tips for the best motorhome hire holiday ever

Hiring a campervan or motorhome is a great way to enjoy some well-deserved time off. There is no hassle of renting rooms or pitching tents and you basically travel in your home away from home!

So whether you are first timers or seasoned motorhome enthusiasts, we would love to welcome you in one of our luxury Vaaroom Motorhomes

Based on our experience with helping our customers, we have compiled a top 5 list of tips which would be handy when you are getting ready for a motorhome adventure

Check Campsites are Open: In the current scenario, please bear in mind that certain campsites may not be fully open or may have been fully booked.

Please make sure that you call and check and make sure that you have something booked for at least the first few days.

Don’t overstock or over-pack: While our motorhomes are quite spacious and comfortable, however too many rigid suitcases and unnecessary items will take space. We suggest packing some board games, cards and don’t forget your chargers, medicines and some food and drinks.

Remember to Enjoy: Take the road less travelled, make some impromptu stops

Soak in the atmosphere and make memories forever. It is a good idea sometimes to just live in the moment and not over plan or control everything. One of the best places to try this is on your motorhome trip!

Do make sure that you keep the distances and times involved in your road trip destinations in mind though and just ensure that your holiday is fun!

If you have any doubts any queries or need any advice – please do get in touch with us

Our friendly, experienced team will make sure that they can help you out however small your query is

When we hand over the motorhome – we will give you a full guided tour before we set you on your way.

We will ensure that you are feeling confident to operate the motorhome, we will also provide you instructions for you to refer to whilst you’re away.

There has never been a better time to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy some sunshine and adventure!

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